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like the blur of lane lines late at night

Posted in Uncategorized by elevatorboy on February 8, 2015

Life sometimes just feels like a blur. I just realized how long its been since I posted anything here. While I’ve never been a prolific blogger, I always intend to contribute more technical stuff back since I’ve gleaned so much from blogs and SE sites but I’m usually flying from one thing to another.

So we bought a house, traveled the world, remodeled said house doing most of the work ourselves while having our first child (a wonderful baby girl) and we both changed jobs, she transitioned to full time staying-at-home mom, and I changed companies from Ntrepid to Tealium ~7 months ago.  Both of us have had our sleep patterns rearranged (re-derranged?) a few times. So theres a good reason for the blur effect. Looking back, some of it (like all the evenings spent framing, insulating, drywalling, texturing, and painting) is all fuzzy like remembrances of the daily commute home.  I know I did it, but when and for how long and most of the details are not recorded.  Other parts of it are as crisp as it gets (holding my baby girl in my arms for the first time, seeing a lion throw up 8 feet from my rental car, finding out our pending 2.0 release is a boy).

I hate calling life busy because that sounds almost dirty. Busy always sounds like I’d rather do something else, but I can’t because — busy! Life is full, fantastically, wonderfully, and blazingly awesomely full and I love it.

All I have to offer at this point is an aggregating statsd backend that sends the data in json. Its my first foray into writing anything in node and I mostly just adapted some existing code with ideas from some other existing code  but its something sharable so here it is.


Some of the Application developers instrumented out a bunch of their application code (YAY!!) and pumped it to statsd and I needed something to get that data into Splunk for analytics and alerting.  I wanted:

  1. throttling so that data didn’t come in as fast as the code running on the hosts I was gathering the metrics from generated it
  2. structured data so that I could automatically have it parsed by splunk and do all the sweet Splunky stuff with it.

and while there are several backends for statsd already, none of them at the time I met both of my criteria so this was born.

If its useful to you too, enjoy.

I’ve had my head in the AWS sdk for Ruby, Chef, and just learning Ruby itself for a project so maybe something shareable will come out of that soon as well.

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