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Ocarina of my time

Posted in Uncategorized by elevatorboy on October 2, 2011

My father in law is a wizard.  Well with clay that is.  He’s got this cool little workshop he built in his backyard with his throwing wheel and a bunch of tools and glazes and he putters around in there in the evenings after work some times and gold comes out.  Not the economy-is-in-the-tank-put-10%-of-your-assets-in-it kind, but just the spectacular pottery kind.


The newest thing he started doing is making whistles.  But being the craftsman and tinkerer he is, he makes them with sound holes that let you adjust the pitch and he crafts them in the shape of reptilian heads.


He’s always suggesting I take a go at making some pottery, but I never take him up on it.  I saw on his shelf one whistle in particular that was his little prototype of the next level and it had 2 sound holes which enables it to have 3 tones.  OK now I’m into making something with clay.  So I’ve resolved to make myself an ocarina.




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